Tea and fairies

Flowers where fairies live

I had no idea that Blarney Castle is not “just” a castle. (Spend four or five days in Ireland and you’ll understand that sentence.) The grounds cover 60 acres and contain hundreds of both wild and planted flowers, trees, and

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The no-plan plan


I was so busy before we left that I had no time to plan practically any of this trip. The most I did was plan places to sleep. I looked a map of Ireland and planned a driving ring around

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Glynn’s Wellington Pub

As soon as we walked in we knew we were in the right place. The musicians were setting up in a tight corner, men were playing pool, football jerseys were suspended across the ceiling, quark sticks and sports trophies and

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Every angel that could smile upon us did so, so far. We left Collingswood at 5:30 p.m., parked in long term parking, took a shuttle to the airport, checked our luggage, went through security and were near our gate having

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Malificent and motherhood

I am leaving for Dublin on Thursday (with a literal pit stop in Paris) and I though I’m sure I would not have gotten that much accomplished tonight, I walked away from responsibilities and went to wing night with my

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Ireland anxiety

Saturday night I woke up convinced that I had made a huge mistake and that I should not go to Cork. I have never left my family for this long. I have never left my home for this long. I

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the story of your name

At least a decade ago, I “borrowed” this exercise from my lovely friend and co-editor of PBQ, Marion Wrenn. I’d like you to take 15 to 20 minutes to do a freewriting about your name. (A freewriting means that you

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Are there ever too many black skirts?

Waiting for the Bolt Bus on my way to NY last week I started chatting with the woman next to me in line. It turned out that she was a Philosophy professor and Villanova and was headed to NY to

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I am not a politician!

Yesterday morning on the PATCO into Philadelphia, a man stood up in the aisle behind me and introduced himself. He said he was running for something as an Independent, and he needed our signatures to “make change happen.”  By now, he

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Bryan and Nicole’s wedding

I am as wonderfully exhausted as I should be. The long awaited marriage of Bryan Dickey and Nicole Mysanlich is complete, and was completely wonderful. The weekend was everything I hoped for insofar as being restful and a lovely time

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