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 Do Women Secretly Love to Be Called MILFs?The Philly Post, 14 February, 2013
Reactions to MILF Diet book.

How Are the Singing Kids of Newtown Being Exploited?The Philly Post, 7 February, 2013
Why performing “Call Me Maybe” for Ryan Seacrest can help them heal.

Shocking Allegation: Women Had Sex Before Fifty Shades of Grey Came OutThe Philly Post, 31 January, 2013
Magic Mike and romance porn did not liberate women.

Why Do I Feel Compelled to Defend Beyonce, Hillary Clinton and Lena Dunham?The Philly Post, 25 January, 2013
Wealthy, powerful women shielded by little, unfamous me.

Does Tweeting Really Make You Skinnier?The Philly Post, 18 January, 2013
I doubt it. But that hasn’t stopped the national media from making it into our new weight-loss sensation.

Study: Modern Parenting Is Ruining Your Kid’s BrainThe Philly Post, 11 January, 2013
Are we studying parenting too much?

Why Is Girl Who Empathized With Adam Lanza Being Vilified?-The Philly Post, 4 January, 2013
She was suspended for writing a poem.

Notable Words of 2012: From “Humblebrag” to “Eastwooding”The Philly Post, 27 December, 2012
Plus: A plea to enter “douché” into the lexicon.

You Aren’t Watching TV if You’re Watching TV Without TwitterThe Philly Post, 20 December, 2012
A look at 2012 in tweets.

Google Offers More Evidence That We Can’t Survive Without GoogleThe Philly Post, 13 December, 2012
Video: Google’s ode to its top searches of 2012.

Thanks to Internet, We All Live in Glass Houses NowThe Philly Post, 6 December, 2012
And there’s a rock headed for your window.

Your Feelings of Superiority Over Chinese Fooled by The Onion Are UnwarrantedThe Philly Post, 29 November, 2012
Americans aren’t exactly the most subtle humans.

Collingswood Grocery Store Controversy: What’s Happening with National Market?The Philly Post, 15 November, 2012
Some businesses just don’t play in the burbs.

Jimmy Kimmel Has Taught Me to Trust No OneThe Philly Post, 8 November, 2012
These election-related clips prove that anyone can lie.

Vote for Romney, He’ll Be Your BoyfriendThe Philly Post, 1 November, 2012
Some anti-Obama ad creators forget women have brains.

Bushkill Falls: When City Folk Meet NatureThe Philly Post, 25 October, 2012
Who needs a shot glass with a black bear wrapped around it?

How America Went From the Five-O’Clock Martini to Butt-ChuggingThe Philly Post, 18 October, 2012
Plus: Sorry, sorority sisters, vodka-soaked tampons are cheating on your diet.

If Someone Calls Asking You to Vote for Obama, It’s Me. Please Don’t Hang UpThe Philly Post, 11 October, 2012
Canvassing isn’t just about stealing the competition’s yard signs.

How a Reality TV Show Could Change CollingswoodThe Philly Post, 4 October, 2012
I’m paying attention to Jersey’s proposed “Snookiville Law.”

There Are So Many Things You Can Do With Your BallsThe Philly Post, 27 September, 2012
Big league beer pong and other ways marketing grabs us by the sac.

Leave Snooki’s Baby AloneThe Philly Post, 20 September, 2012
Reality shows seduce us into snarkiness. That makes society—and Philly—more dangerous.

Massage Pillows, Mikshake Makers … for College-BoundThe Philly Post, 13 September, 2012
Today’s students must be so confused about Barack Obama’s rusty car…

Putting Your Children to Work at HomeThe Philly Post, 6 September, 2012
Remember, your kids are your free labor.

In 20 Years, the Daffy’s Magic Never Failed MeThe Philly Post, 30 August, 2012
Where will I go when I can no longer hunt for bargain deals on Chestnut?

Miley Cyrus Will Not Be IgnoredThe Philly Post, 23 August, 2012
Tweens, peers, and Hater Moms watch her every move.

Oprah Winfrey is in the Love-Making Business—–The Philly Post, 16 August, 2012
And she will teach us all how to love

Hilary Clinton Is the Most Fun Woman on the Planet Right NowThe Philly Post,9 August, 2012
Let us count the ways she is having fun.

Helicopter Parenting in the College YearsFamily Circle, September, 2012

Your iPhone Could Make You Forget Your Favorite MomentsThe Philly Post, 2 August, 2012
The technology behind fuzzy memories.

How a Philadelphian Goes CampingThe Philly Post, 26 July, 2012
City dwellers conquer the great outdoors.

I Should Not Know the Sex of Marissa Mayer’s Unborn BabyThe Philly Post, 19 July, 2012
Why are we still struggling with women being in charge?

Why Families Head to the Shore Every SummerThe Philly Post, 12 July, 2012
Same town, same rental house, same feuds, same flip-flops.

What Would Happen If We All Complimented Average Service?The Philly Post, 5 July, 2012
Turning the complaining game around.

Collingswood’s Bad News Travels Fast and FarThe Philly Post, 28 June, 2012
Mr. Mayor, Paris is on line one.
W.S. Di Piero Is the Hundred Thousand Dollar Poet From South Philly–Philly Weekly,
27 June, 2012
The poet was nationally recognized for a lifetime’s worth of writings.

The Internet Can’t Help You Pee at OsteriaThe Philly Post, 21 June, 2012
When to stop Googling and just ask someone.

Women Will Never Stop Bothering Their VaginasThe Philly Post,  14 June, 2012
Tanning salons are the least of our worries.

Celebrity Memoirs Will Survive ArmageddonThe Philly Post, 7 June, 2012
Good news:   Famous people cannot overshare their way out of a book deal.

Your Four-Year Old Daughter Clearly Needs a MakeoverThe Philly Post, 31 May, 2012
What are you waiting for?  Did you breed a super model or not?

Eighth-Grade Career Day Made Me SweatThe Philly Post, 24 May, 2012
I was as nervous as a middle-schooler at her first dance.

Are We Raising America’s Most Unemployable Generation?The Philly Post, 17 May, 2012
What happens when highkids can’t (or don’t) work part-time summer jobs.

Your Mom Doesn’t Want an iPad for Mother’s DayThe Philly Post, 10 May, 2012
However, there’s this lovely beer for women over 50.

In Post-9/11 World, the Definition of Terrorist Gets BlurryThe Philly Post, 03 May, 2012
How will those who were kids in 2001 shape future policy based on that day?

Welcome to the Era of the “My Generation”The Philly Post, 26 April 2012
My, my, my has replaced me, me, me.

American Teens Have Lost Ability to Shock AnyoneThe Philly Post, 19 April 2012
Nothing can raise our eyebrows anymore.

Your Coffee Maker Could Kill YouThe Philly Post, 12 April 2012
The world is basically a deathtrap.

Words we had after he diedSalon, 12 April 2012
When we lost my husband to cancer, my family’s world went upside down. We made sense of it the best we could.

Grocery Shopping in the Burbs: Acme’s Walk of ShameThe Philly Post, 05 April 2012
If you run into anyone you know, be prepared to explain why you’re not at Wegmans.

There’s a Difference Between Overprotective Parents and Greedy MonstersThe Philly Post, 29 March 2012
Do you want the best for your child or just more?

Recession Diet: Pay Less to Eat, Eat Fewer CaloriesThe Philly Post, 22 March 2012
Do it for cheese fries on Friday.

My PATCO Commute Is the Best Part of My DayThe Philly Post, 15 March 2012
Despite noisy “quiet cars,” broken escalators and delays, I still get to do nothing.

Do You Read the New York Times, or Skim It?The Philly Post, 8 March 2012
A little bit of knowing, a lot of crack-smoking.

Website Matches Women With Baby Daddies, Not HusbandsThe Philly Post, 1 March 2012
Rick Santorum’s head just exploded.

Parenting secrets of a college professorSalon, 28 February 2012
On campus, I see the damage that anxious overparenting has created. So, in my home, I’m trying something different.

Let’s All Pretend Camden Doesn’t ExistThe Philly Post, 16 February 2012
Oh, wait. We already do that.

A Day in the Life of a Philly Arts LoverThe Philly Post, 9 February 2012
From Zoe Strauss’s billboards to a Bloody Mary at Fergie’s, this city has all I need.

Ladies Who Gym: Thongs! Gossip! Zumba!The Philly Post, 2 February 2012
Losing a few pounds is easier when you’re with a big group of uninhibited women.

I Don’t Care What “Peace” Beyonce Had, Childbirth Isn’t PrettyThe Philly Post, 26 January 2012
Celebrities don’t fly coach, and they don’t have babies like you and me.

College Students Cope Without WikipediaThe Philly Post, 19 January 2012
OMG. What if Facebook had gone dark?

Rigging the Vote in CollingswoodThe Philly Post, 12 January 2012
Who’s to say that this isn’t the best town in America?

Why Does Anyone Eat at Red Lobster?The Philly Post, 05 January 2012
I ventured into the land of chain dining to find out.

The Year That Gave Us Tebowing and Tiger MotherThe Philly Post, 29 December 2011
Which new words did you learn in 2011?

Christmas Isn’t Sexist At AllThe Philly Post, 15 December 2011
Women might be forced to buy pantyhose, but what about those scented candles?

What Does a Caring Philadelphian Look Like?The Philly Post, 8 December 2011
Or are you too apathetic to care?

Cheap and Easy Holiday EntertainingThe Philly Post, 1 December 2011
Turn into Martha Stewart with a can opener and 20 bucks

Please Read This Post All the Way to the EndThe Philly Post, 23 November 2011
If you don’t, you’ll just be proving my point about how lazy technology is making us

Where Journalism Drinks In PhillyThe Philly Post, 17 November 2011
Inside the Pen & Pencil Club, you’ll find love and happiness hour

Small-Town Values: A Perfect Collingswood DayThe Philly Post, 10 November 2011
Plus: An award-winning caramel apple pie recipe

Extreme Grouponing: A Deal Addict’s ConfessionThe Philly Post, 3 November 2011
How far will you go for a good deal?

My Tipping Point: Becoming a Philadelphia Creative ConnectorThe Philly Post, 27 October 2011
Introductions, conversations, brainstorming and, of course, cocktails

How Gay-Friendly Is Collingswood?The Philly Post, 20 October 2011
Small-town gossip and tolerance blend in this Jersey town

The Kindle Hasn’t Erased All Hope for BooksThe Philly Post, 6 October 2011
There’s proof that authors will still do anything to see their words in print

Slam Bam, and other casual strategies of connectionWHYY Newsworks, Creative Connectors, 30 September 2011

How to Parent College-Aged KidsThe Philly Post, 29 September 2011
Hint: You no longer need to remind them to do their homework

What Does Moody’s Know About Collingswood?The Philly Post, 22 September 2011
What the residents think about the town’s lowered bond status

What Lurks Beneath in CollingswoodThe Philly Post, 15 September 2011
Scandals and town characters keep suburban life interesting

Nightmare at Great AdventureThe Philly Post, 8 September 2011
High on disappointment, low on amusement

New Jersey’s Fine WinesThe Philly Post, 1 September 2011
Who needs Napa and France?

LBI’s Last Gasps of Summer VacationThe Philly Post, 25 August 2011
How the earthquake played out at the Jersey Shore

Reasons to Love CollingswoodThe Philly Post, 18 August 2011
What makes this Jersey “sub-urbia” a place to call home

For One Year and AlwaysDrunken Boat, Summer 2011
I argue with myself as I leave my house and on the drive to his house and all the way up until I ring his doorbell.

Sex, Death, and Birth Control New York Times’ Motherlode, 27 July 2011
Allison and I are at the Crystal Lake Diner, her favorite place for lunch with me alone since she was about 5 years old. She is now 17.

Haunted HouseOpium Magazine, March 2011
I grew up in a haunted house.

Feeding PeopleThe Smart Set, 28 September 2007
It helps me stay connected to them, even after they’re gone.