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Victoria Lodge

2014-07-13 22.00.05

When I first arrived at Victoria Lodge I wanted to cry like a freshman who realizes the full implications of what she’s done, just as her parents pull away. I still had Mike with me, and I wasn’t going for

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Tea and fairies

Flowers where fairies live

I had no idea that Blarney Castle is not “just” a castle. (Spend four or five days in Ireland and you’ll understand that sentence.) The grounds cover 60 acres and contain hundreds of both wild and planted flowers, trees, and

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The no-plan plan


I was so busy before we left that I had no time to plan practically any of this trip. The most I did was plan places to sleep. I looked a map of Ireland and planned a driving ring around

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Glynn’s Wellington Pub

As soon as we walked in we knew we were in the right place. The musicians were setting up in a tight corner, men were playing pool, football jerseys were suspended across the ceiling, quark sticks and sports trophies and

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Every angel that could smile upon us did so, so far. We left Collingswood at 5:30 p.m., parked in long term parking, took a shuttle to the airport, checked our luggage, went through security and were near our gate having

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